TV Club: Panic overtakes Jane The Virgin in the midst of major life changes

“Inhala, exhala.” Jane The Virgin has emphasized the importance of taking a moment to breathe since the very first episode, and Jane needs a lot of those moments in “Chapter Fifty-Six,” which continues to explore the fallout of Michael’s death while bringing about a new major life change for the main character. Valentina Garza’s script opens with a flashback to Jane in therapy one month after Michael’s death, where she tells her therapist about her ongoing panic attacks and gains some tools to help her regain her composure during these episodes. After 90 sessions, Jane is panic attack free and comfortable with ending her sessions, but the sight of Michael’s old police buddy, Dennis, triggers Jane’s panic attacks again as she remembers Dennis’ betrayal after Michael’s death.

Jane The Virgin continues to slowly dole out new information regarding Jane’s coping process after Michael …

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