TV Club: Pairing up Zorn and Alan makes for a tedious Son of Zorn weekend getaway

Some people in the comments of the last episode of Son Of Zorn thought I rated it a bit too high. I think I may have rated it too high. It was fairly funny and was the best episode so far that blended the weird aesthetics of an animated Zepherian warrior with a reality so askew that such a warrior would be no big deal–but it wasn’t what I would call necessary or a must-watch. Compared to “The Weekend Warrior” though, “War in the Workplace” is a masterpiece. ”The Weekend Warrior” has Alan staying at his father’s place, while forcing Zorn to downplay his more extreme behaviors in order to maintain his ex-wife’s wishes. A restrained Zorn is a lame Zorn, and that restraint really bogs down the whole story. It kind of feels like it wants to be more exciting, but it never quite gets …

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