TV Club: Owen Teague captivates in a densely plotted Bloodline

“Part 21” doesn’t nearly flow with the same rhythmic emotional turmoil as “Part 20.” But it weaves together a compelling series of flashbacks that have real emotional stakes in the present. “Part 21” does a lot of table-setting, a lot of last minute plot maneuvering to get things set up for the last couple episodes, but that final scene between John and Marco is a slow and spectacular collision—the exact kind of character-driven conflict this show handles well.

After Diana drops a bomb on him at the end of last episode, John spends a lot of “Part 21” stuck in his own head. In typical Bloodline fashion, the psychological aftermath brews just beneath the surface. The only time Diana and John interact in this episode is at the very beginning, when she tells him she’ll be home at 6 without a trace of emotion behind her words …

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