TV Club: Overcrowding brings new dynamics of race & class to OITNB

Welcome to TV Club’s coverage of season four of Orange Is The New Black. Reviews will be posting daily at 2:oo pm EST, leading to the review of the season finale on June 29. These reviews are written from the perspective of having only seen the episode in question, and so we ask that you respect the pace of other viewers and avoid spoiling details from future episodes in your comments.

The idea that Orange Is The Black balances comedy and drama is neither newsworthy nor particularly groundbreaking: it is just a fact of the show, part of its identity on a textual level regardless of how it’s played out in Emmy designations or arguments at particularly thrilling (read: nerdy) social gatherings. It no longer feels particularly productive to debate whether the show is a drama or a comedy—at the end of the day, the show …

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