TV Club: Outlander’s first battle scene does not disappoint

“How many men had I seen killed at war?” Claire asks for a second time in the opening scene of “Prestonpans.” She pauses just long enough for the question to swell into a beast bigger than mere words. “Far, far too many,” she answers herself.

The centerpiece of “Prestonpans” is its titular battle. Philip John, who made his Outlander debut last week, has quite the eye for battle shots, directing the most action-packed parts of the episode with an eerie elegance. The battle is nothing short of spectacular, particularly as the camera follows young Fergus, bewildered by the chaos and gore that surround him—chaos that’s silent and in slow-motion…until it isn’t. As the sound and real-time speed snaps back, we’re thrown into a sonic and visual storm, blades clashing, blood spurting, men crying out in pain and in the fevered rush that comes with battle …

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