TV Club: Outlander: “The Watch”

Based merely on the events of “The Watch”—which includes a standoff at gunpoint, a complicated pregnancy, the arrival of a potentially dangerous threat, and a sword in someone’s back—it should be a much more significant episode than it actually ends up being. Though on the surface level more technically happens in “The Watch” than in “Lallybroch,” the latter kept the story moving forward in a way “The Watch” fails to do. Outlander has proved in the past that it can slow things down and still be exciting, but “The Watch” stretches its loose plot much too thin, making for an episode that lingers with little reward.

Despite all that happens in “The Watch,” at episode’s end, the characters are more or less in the same places—emotionally and narratively—as they were when it began. Story developments act more as idling distractions. The men who surrounded …

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