TV Club: Outlander: “The Reckoning”

Through the ups and downs of the front half of Outlander‘s first season, its greatest strength always remained Claire. As the show’s protagonist, the story quite explicitly belongs to her, but Outlander takes this one step further by giving Claire power over the narrative and the way we see the narrative unfold. Seen most starkly in that steamy wedding episode, Outlander creates a woman-centric rendering of the typically male-dominated genres it blends, using the female gaze to untangle Claire’s fears and desires. After a several-month break, the show returns in a very different form, handing off the narrative reins to its leading man Jamie Fraser.

Nothing is more frustrating than when writers don’t seem to fully understand what makes their own show great. For Outlander, Claire’s position at the center of this time-travel universe has always been and will always be what makes the series …

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