TV Club: Outlander: “The Devil’s Mark”

Even though many Outlander episodes follow more-or-less the same structure—Claire finds herself in trouble as the result of her outsider status and then either uses her own knowledge and skills to work her way out of it or is saved by a last-minute Jamie rescue—the show doesn’t pull its drama and excitement from the same well week-to-week or even within just one episode. It sounds silly to say a show has “everything” or “it all,” because such phrases are pretty empty exaggerations, but when it comes to Outlander, I sometimes do hear the voice of Bill Hader’s Stefon saying “this show has everything.” The writers use each of the show’s many genres to create different shades of dramatic stakes. The sexy side of the show is often as engaging as the action-adventure side—often more so.

This week, Outlander adds another genre to the mix …

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