TV Club: Outlander: “Lallybroch”

Jamie and Claire ride into the beautiful lands of Lallybroch expecting to find their new home, a fresh start from all the darkness they left behind at Leoch. But new darkness awaits behind Lallybroch’s walls—memories and trauma that, like the scars on Jamie’s back, do not easily go away. Following Claire’s confession last week, “Lallybroch” gives Jamie the chance to unearth painful truths of his own, making for an unsettling and visceral episode.

Outlander isn’t necessarily a different show now that Jamie knows Claire’s secret, but their relationship has changed in profound, though subtle, ways. On the surface, it’s the same: They love each other fiercely. Claire pushes against the customs and norms of this world, Jamie tells her that’s not how things are done, and they find a compromise. Jamie has always known Claire is a sassenach, but now he’s …

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