TV Club: Other Space: “Ted Talks”

Holy fan service, Batman!

You can’t cast Joel Hodgson and Trace Beaulieu in the same comedy sci-fi project and not have them sit in a room, watch a screen, and riff on what’s going on. Let’s make that a golden rule of television, shall we? It was so entirely comforting watching two veterans fall back into well-loved rhythms of riffage. It could be construed as a cheap move, but it works for “Ted Talks” and the show’s tone as a whole.

The retraction tools Zalien and A.R.T. are tasked with fixing could have malfunctioned due to various reasons stemming from their own ineptitude, but “Ted Talks” allowed them to update their riffing for a new era. Instead of watching shitty B-movies, they are forced to watch reality — the ship was constructed by MTV for entertainment purposes. As they watch, each character gets put into …

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