TV Club: Orphan Black: “Transitory Sacrifices Of Crisis”

“You don’t get to sit this one out, love. None of us do.”

Since the season premiere helped to stabilize the show’s disparate storylines, this second episode has much more room to breathe and intensify—and it shows. There is still more going on in a ten minute span on Orphan Black than most shows touch in an entire season, but the first two episodes of this third season feel like they’re specifically trying to slow down the speeding bullet train without stopping it completely. Where the second season relished throwing more and more characters into the mix to really play up the chaos our clones have found themselves in, this third one lets some sit an entire episode out when they’re not needed, as with Delphine, Ferdinand, and Rachel this week. Delphine has particularly become a more interesting character even in just an episode, but …

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