TV Club: Orphan Black: “The Weight Of That Combination”

“Don’t turn your back on me—on your people.”
“You’re not my people.”

Last season, Orphan Black introduced so many new layers that it became difficult to understand what, exactly, might be going on. Its mythology twisted and turned corners so quickly that the show became a labyrinth that preyed on expectations. As the characters tried to find their way out of the labyrinth, it was just as just as challenging and frustrating for us as it was for them—which made for an equally exciting and uneven season.

Since the show rarely gives anyone a second to breathe, “The Weight Of That Consideration” opens just about where the second season left off. Sarah has escaped Dyad with the help of Topside’s Marion Bowles (an absent but looming Michelle Forbes); Alison is trying to piece her life back together after rehab; Cosima is reeling from the brink …

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