TV Club: Orphan Black signs off with everyone in peril

The fourth season of Orphan Black has seen many of the clones grappling with the aftermath of the terrible choices and events they’ve lived through. Sarah had to face the gravity of stepping into Beth’s role as leader and living with decisions that get people killed. Alison had to deal with the consequences of her brief foray into drug kingpin life. Cosima, as ever, had to face her own mortality, all while desperately using half-baked measures to try and save all of their lives, without the main person who was helping her get through it. And tragic, furious Rachel had to come to terms with the fact that her mother chose to let her grow up an orphan.

And yet despite all the rough going, Season 4 ends with all of them in peril, with the exception of Rachel, whose brutal rise to the top is as speedy …

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