TV Club: Orphan Black reveals that its evil genius is not so impressive after all

Is there a more apt depiction of the rot at the heart of Neolution than the man running the movement facing down one of his creations, who’s just proven herself to be kind and brilliant, and getting angry at her for not helping him live longer?

Cosima has long straddled a shifting line between her loyalties to her sisters and her often uncomfortable fascination with what the Neolutionists are capable of. She’s long been tempted by what they have to offer, whether it’s the unlimited resources or the ceaseless quest for knowledge. But as P.T. Westmoreland himself points out at the world’s most awkward dinner party, she’s a mix of the clinical and the humane, and it’s what’s going to keep her firmly on the side of the clones.

Westmoreland spends a bit more time in the spotlight in this episode, and …

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