TV Club: Orphan Black: “Newer Elements Of Our Defense”

A slash of blood, a pulsing wound, a gaping hole, an exposed brain: Orphan Black isn’t a subtle show, but damn if it isn’t an arresting one.

Just as he did with last season’s standout “Governed As It Were By Chance,” writer Russ Cochrane creates a disquieting and horrific world for this week’s chapter, “Newer Elements Of Our Defense.” His script, along with Chris Grismer’s arresting direction, lays bare the main conflicts of this third season in often excruciating detail. Shaky point of view shots peek through eerie cornfields, wounds gape and gush. As much as these characters have been through, Orphan Black rarely lets them breeze by without fully feeling the chaos around them. Where another show’s hardboiled protagonist might learn to become numb and yank a bullet out of someone’s leg, Sarah’s visceral revulsion at Mark’s bullet wound makes …

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