TV Club: Orphan Black goes back to the suburbs to find its heart in a standout episode

If last week’s episode showed some of the downsides to wrapping up a five-season-long show, this week’s shows what can go right. The incongruity of suburban Alison mixing in with the geniuses and murderers of the clone world has always been one of the show’s go-to points for humor, but here, it becomes clear how much that incongruity has weighed on her. And the emotions that play out throughout Alison’s storyline in this episode wouldn’t land with the meaning they do without the long character arc that came before.

The self-aware clones may be safe from physical danger at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that the Neolution side is going to treat them with any respect. Particularly when it comes to the clone who doesn’t, at face value, have anything to offer them. But the greatness of Alison Hendrix has always been …

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