TV Club: Orphan Black finally escapes from the island

Welcome back to Orphan Black, the hit show about clones and characters casually explaining their darkest secrets. Want to know P.T. Westmoreland’s mysterious past? Here’s Susan Duncan, spelling it out in a conversation for you. Curious about Mrs. S’s intelligence-gathering operation? Here she is, laying it all out for Sarah except for the weird detail of not telling her the final source, which will presumably be revealed at a more important moment.

These are things we need to know as the show winds down, but the methods by which they’re divulged to us are not the most subtle. Why was Delphine’s participation a secret until Mrs. S randomly decided it didn’t need to be? And why would P.T. ask Susan if she remembered who he was? Of course she remembers, she was there. This clears up whether or not Susan is in …

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