TV Club: Orphan Black enjoys family bonding as only it can: by staging a fake public fight

Sisterhood between the clones may be a constant refrain on Orphan Black, but tonight’s episode took a step back to reexamine the bonds of the show’s core family, and in particular the skills of Mrs. S. We’ve known for a long time that Sarah is an incredibly talented grifter, and it’s often seemed like part of her earlier life as a selfish con artist. But tonight we got to see the woman who trained her in action.

Mrs. S is one of those secondary characters whose backstory, it’s clear, is probably just as fascinating as anything anyone else on the show gets up to. Over the run of the show, we’ve gotten hints of her violent past, her shady connections, and her efforts to distance herself from the person she used to be. She’s the show’s consummate mama bear, fiercely maternal and …

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