TV Club: Orphan Black debates the science of it all

So, Delphine’s alive. While this was certainly a better kept secret than poor Jon Snow, the more recent episodes had definitely been telegraphing a return for the character. At this point, if she wasn’t alive, it would have been an awfully cruel bait and switch.

Does it make that much dramatic sense? Ehhhh. The finale has a lot of ground to cover in terms of making sense of a situation wherein Krystal sees Delphine get shot (without anyone then trying to silence Krystal), the Neolution villains apparently don’t follow up to make sure Delphine is really dead, and then whoever rescued Delphine convinces her that it’s important not to contact Cosima, even though Cosima is dying and if she waits too long, she won’t see her again. That is going to be a lot to get through during a finale that also has to cover …

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