TV Club: Orphan Black: “Community Of Dreadful Fear And Hate”

The concept of what family means has dogged Orphan Black since day one. Almost none of the Sarah Manning, con artist and runaway single mother, dodged her foster family and accidentally fell into another. She gained countless sisters—and one rarely mentioned brother—and developed intense and singular relationships with each that opened her world in ways she never could have anticipated. This season, she and her sisters found out they had a brigade of brothers in the Castor clones, who in turn answer to a presiding scientist whom they call “Mother.” Meanwhile, Sarah and Helena’s ability to have children makes them desired, or more accurately, makes them targets. The institute that created them never wanted them to create life of their own. And so everyone on Orphan Black—so named for children of “high interest” without a family—is grasping to find where they belong in this constantly …

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