TV Club: Orphan Black: “Certain Agony Of The Battlefield”

This has been a frustrating season of Orphan Black. While it’s delivered some thrilling moments—Rudy killing Seth, Sarah choking Ferdinand almost to death, Helena escaping the Castor compound—the show nonetheless failed to feel quite as urgent as it has in the past. There has hardly ever been more at stake, and yet the scattershot nature of the show’s many mysteries made it harder to connect to any of them. While there’s no doubt that second season was a little messy, there was hardly a time when I didn’t finish an episode and immediately want—no, need—to start the next. This year, I’ve heard more often than not about people failing to keep up without even realizing it. “I don’t know, I watched the first few, but I just…haven’t watched since,” more than one friend of mine said with a …

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