TV Club: One door opens as another door closes on a moving episode of Younger

In “Beyond Therapy,” Liza’s life experience may benefit her work life, but she finds that she can’t outsmart every obstacle in her personal life. Camryn Manheim guests as the typical psychologist with a podcast, the latest wannabe author being courted by Empirical. Her character comes across as more of a plot device than an actual character, embodying the perspective of those who believe that life must be lived according to a strict timeline. Kelsey is rattled by this idea, which prompts her to reevaluate Thad’s role in her life. She envisions her own path to success so she wants to make sure that Thad fits the criteria of the type of man she should be committed to in her 20s. Liza plays devil’s advocate, arguing that the best path isn’t easily predicted; sometimes improvisation is not only necessary but preferential. Of course, Kelsey doesn’t …

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