TV Club: Once Upon A Time’s “Swan Song” is an almost-worthy capper

The problem with such a big buildup that Once Upon A Time has given us over the past 10 episodes, is that it was going to take a lot for a finale to be worthy. The Dark Swan’s fantastic entry, the double Dark One reveal, the crumbling of Camelot, adding up to the continuing struggles of darkness versus light (I’ve already forgotten all the Scottish bear stuff).

So I’m not sure if “Swan Song” lives up to all the hype, although it does focus on everyone’s favorite new character, Dark Hook. In flirty flashback mode, he’s charged to go after the father who sold him and his brother Liam out for a rowboat. Enraged to realize that his father’s new son has the same name as Killian’s lost brother, Hook kills his father, just as Rumple did a few seasons ago. It’s …

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