TV Club: Once Upon A Time racks up a “Broken Heart” for everyone

Here’s my problem with this “Broken Heart” episode, and it’s something that troubles me often about Once Upon A Time: When actualities just get in the way of whatever plotlines the showrunners are trying to cram down our throats. Dark Hook takes center stage this week, which is fun and Colin O”Donoghue is obviously reveling in the opportunity to do something other than trail along after Emma, puppy-dog-like. But if Hook really wanted revenge on Rumple, he’s the Dark One now, and Rumple has no powers. Hook could do anything, but winds up engaging in a duel that ends with Rumple alive? It makes no sense. If Hook needs Rumple’s blood to call forth all the Dark Ones, fine, but after centuries of ruminating about revenge, there should be no way he would let Rumple off that easily.

Same with Emma’s “I’ll do …

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