TV Club: Once Upon A Time: “Operation Mongoose”

There were moments during this Once Upon A Time season finale when I was pretty sure it was the greatest OUAT episode(s) I had ever seen (and after four seasons, I’ve seen a lot). The show usually nails its finales (I liked last year’s quite a bit as well) but Enchanted Forest Bizarro World was fantastic and had loads of potential.

From the very beginning, the fun of OUAT has been the way it plays with the fairy-tale tropes we’ve all known from childhood and twists them around. What if Rumplestiltskin was Belle’s Beast? What if the Evil Queen tried to redeem herself? What if Snow White had a personality? (Jury’s still out, there.)

Since then, OUAT has tripped itself up on its two-Big Bad arcs per season. Despite an excellent performance by Elizabeth Mitchell as the Snow Queen, the Frozen arc that kicked …

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