TV Club: Once Upon A Time goes dark for season five

The battle between good and evil has defined Once Upon A Time since its very first nanosecond, and as we enter season five, the concepts of “goodness” and “badness” still make up the vast majority of the show. OUAT does well when it mixes up these concepts in a blender: showing the softer side of evil queen Regina and legendary troublemaker Rumplestiltskin, highlighting the foibles of the holier-than-thou Charmings.

If you’ll recall, OUAT ended season four with Emma becoming the Dark One to prevent Regina from getting swallowed up by some giant evil black cloud thingee. The special effects on this show now take Emma to a crazy inky dark pool, where she rises up and wonders where she is. Seriously? You’re in a magical wooded area, any guesses? Emma, have you never seen this show before?

As our (somewhat clueless) new Dark One, Emma is visited by …

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