TV Club: On Z Nation, the presidential election is basically Trump vs. Trump

This is becoming quite the fractured season of Z Nation. First, Murphy and 10k split off from the rest of the group. Then, 10k got lost in the woods. After that, it was the Doc and 10k show. And now, just when the gang had (mostly) reunited, Warren decides they’ve got to separate once more. Story-wise, all this shuffling around makes sense, as there are a couple of big plots unfolding that need to be addressed, and sending the whole gang across the country and back would’ve delayed the necessary showdown with Murphytown. Instead, Addy has finally been let out of whatever penalty box the show was keeping her in, and with Doc in tow, they’re off to find baby Lucy. It’s time for some missions to start really pushing things forward.

Except, this week doesn’t do that at all. It’s another totally extraneous …

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