TV Club: On You, Me And The Apocalypse, the end of the world is dragging out

The apocalypse is starting to drag.

Three episodes into a 10-episode run, “Still Stuff Worth Fighting For” continues to expand the putatively doomed world of You, Me And The Apocalypse, introducing new characters but without the animating detail and thematic unity of the premiere.

(Nick Offerman) (Photo: Ilze Kitshoff/WTTV Productions Limited)

Father Jude and Sister Celine meet Jane Doe (Grace Taylor), the giraffe-costumed resurrected 6-year-old presumed by a crowd of unwanted followers to be the Messiah, and her vociferously anti-religious mother—Layla (Karla Crome), Jamie’s missing wife. Jamie and Dave are held captive by Skye (Fiona Button), Ariel’s one-time girlfriend, now enormously pregnant and frighteningly ready to use her nail gun. We get a closer look at both Rhonda’s brother Scotty and husband Rajesh (Prasanna Puwanarajah), who speaks for the first time in the series, and at her son Spike (Fabian McCallum) and his shiftless biological …

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