TV Club: On You, Me And The Apocalypse, hell is other people, and so is salvation

“Bucket list? Snap!” cheers the old woman lying in front of Jamie’s car, blocking his passage to the commune where he hopes to find his birth mother. “We’re ‘aving an erotic odyssey!”

Hey, why don’t we do it in the road? That’s not an invitation; it’s a question. The song suggests modesty holds us back (“No one will be watching us”), but it’s also consideration. We don’t do it in the road because it’s selfish (and illegal, most places) to hold up traffic that way.

This nameless elderly couple refuses to stop boinking in the road long enough to let Jamie and Dave drive past. (“Young man, you’re being unreasonable. My husband’s got arthritis!”) They appear only briefly, but they sum up “An Erotic Odyssey,” in which other people are an obstruction—and what is the world but a mass …

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