TV Club: On Timeless, Lucy’s shaken (but not stirred)

Well, that was fun, huh?

If last week’s episode of Timeless saw the show settling down, it’s this week where it comes into its own. “Party at Castle Varlar” is a breezy, self-assured affair, one that still makes time for actual stakes and moments of connection. The larger goal, however, is to get the job done and look good (and have fun) doing it. There’s a palpable and compelling sense of confidence about the whole affair that makes it really easy to overlook any flaws in logic or holes in plot. It’s efficient, persuasive, and utterly charming.

This is perhaps a stretch, but those are all qualities one hopes to see in a good spy (a good fictional spy, anyway), and “Party at Castle Varlar” has got one of those, too. Sean Maguire’s (Once Upon a Time) turn as Ian Fleming marks a high point …

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