TV Club: On this week’s bonus Trial & Error, it’s crunch time for Josh and tea time for Dwayne

First things first: if the arrival of this review has you befuddled, then you must have missed the memo about how NBC opted to slip in an extra episode this week in order to be able to wrap up this first – and please oh please, don’t let it be the last – season of Trial & Error with its final two episodes on Tuesday.

With that out of the way, let’s leap right back into the courtroom proceedings, shall we? As it turns out, Carol Ann doesn’t have much left to offer in terms of witnesses, although we’re favored with the return of Larry’s brother-in-law, Jeremiah, who takes the stand to offer up some sexism (“Obviously, she didn’t work; she was a woman, after all), an appearance from Dr. Senior Junior, friendly neighborhood unintelligible coroner, and a glass-shards expert who is positively sleep-inducing. In a …

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