TV Club: On The Simpsons, past and future almost—but not quite—find balance

“Friends And Family” takes forever to get going, but, after a turgid opening act that sees Burns seeing his shrink, watching his shrink die, attending his shrink’s funeral, offending his shrink’s family, and then running over Professor Frink, this second episode of season 28 finds a nice little groove. Unfortunately, since everything after the first ad break is so compressed, the two storylines therein are clipped abruptly, but there’s enough funny stuff to put this one in the “what might have been” column.

Looking at the synopsis of the episode, a viewer (or reviewer) might be forgiven for some misgivings. One storyline (both carry enough weight that there’s no proper A- or B-story) sees Marge and the kids being drafted to provide the motion-capture template for Burns’ ideal virtual reality family. See, Frink was distracted by his new VR headset’s visions of winning a Nobel …

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