TV Club: On Silicon Valley, tables are like Pied Piper—and the tables have turned

There’s a moment towards the end of “Daily Active Users” where Richard Hendrix is at a point lower than he’s ever been. Not for the physical circumstances of being curled up in Erlich’s bathtub, hair touching a drain that desperately needs cleaning, but for the absolute weariness in his revelation to Jared that he’s decided to liquidate Pied Piper. “I’m getting tired of getting kicked in the balls,” he says, going down the list of obstacles that he’s gone against in the last three seasons. His company on the verge of failure, his only employees the original founders, and there’s so immediate salvation in sight—for what feels like the umpteenth time.

It’s that sense of “second verse, same as the first” constant failure that keeps the action of “Daily Active Users” at arms’ length. While the episode is as ruthlessly funny …

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