TV Club: On second thought, maybe SmackDown! is out of control

As quickly as Survivor Series has gone, thanks to WWE’s continued commitment to a high volume of pay-per-views, SmackDown! is now on to the next with the brand-specific TLC. Sure, this week’s episode of SmackDown! has plenty to discuss with regards to Survivor Series (Did they achieve brand supremacy? The answer is: “Who cares?”), but the show’s time constraints lead to a blessing in disguise when it comes it not exactly having the luxury of dwelling on what just happened on Sunday. This year’s TLC is on December 4, so SmackDown! must look forward above all else. And this week’s show is absolutely quick to book a good number of the matches right here and right now.

Obviously, Dean Ambrose’s WWE World Championship match against AJ Styles has been on the books for a while now, but this week’s SmackDown! also throws in …

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