TV Club: On Rick And Morty, Killing Isn’t As Hard As It Ought To Be

One of the challenges facing writers of modern genre fare is deciding how aware their protagonists should be of cliche. On one side of the spectrum, you’ve got something like Scream, whose characters are constantly referring to horror tropes and the “rules” of slasher movies; on the opposite side, you’ve got The Walking Dead, where no one even uses the word “zombie,” let alone brings up the works of George Romero. Rick And Morty has made it a point of meta-commentary since the start—it’s hardwired into the show’s DNA. Rick is the smartest, craziest sonofabitch in just about any room (or planet) he walks into. Having him a recognize a “Purge” scenario when he sees it isn’t just a way of lampshading the episode’s use of another movie’s premise; it sets up a premise while simultaneously reminding us that this universe holds …

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