TV Club: On Powerless, dating means sometimes you wind up with a henchman

Dating is the pits in our universe, so imagine the added level of red flags to watch out for if you throw alter egos into the mix. That’s Emily’s problem here, as the impossibly chiseled nice guy she meets on a girls’ night out with Wendy and Jackie turns out to have a question mark t-shirt under his normal clothes. Yes, “Emily Dates A Henchman” sees Emily, indeed, dating a henchman, of noted Batman villain The Riddler no less. It’s a chance for Powerless to flesh out its odd little corner of the DC universe and for Vanessa Hudgens to do a little more than be the spunky go-getter she’s been playing for three episodes. If the results on both fronts are relatively innocuous, they’re also pretty amusing, especially when, as part of the episode’s B-story, you get Alan Tudyk in a rubber Robin …

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