TV Club: On Lady Dynamite, true friendship is the greatest gift

Jenny Slate is terrific as Karen Grisham, life coach. She’s confident, determined, and briskly, cheerfully cruel. When Maria worries that she’s leaving her old friends behind, Karen Grisham confirms her unspoken fear with breezy conviction. “Yeah, because you’re bipolar and you’re incredibly hard to stay friends with.” The blocking of this scene is eloquent. As Maria digs into her desire to reconnect with estranged friends, Karen Grisham rises and walks away, turning her back for a long beat. She stands distracted in the background, flipping through her notebook while Maria pours out her heart to the empty room.

Karen Grisham refocuses on her client only when it serves her needs. “What did you say?” she asks, jotting down Maria’s tossed-off phrase (and the episode title), “No Friend Left Behind.” She’s not looking for insight into Maria. (“Oh, fuck, no! You’re just a locked …

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