TV Club: On Grandfathered, Jimmy gets knocked down—but he gets up again

There’s a formula to sitcoms, particularly holiday episodes. Someone gets in a snit, or wants everything to be perfect, or decides to do something really special for themselves, and then things go wrong. Too many guests. Failed turkeys. Small fires. But ultimately things come together in the end and everyone Learns a Lesson. It’s neat, tidy, and roughly 23 minutes long. Perfect.

One of the things that’s been interesting about Grandfathered is how content it is to check all the typical sitcom boxes, without ever resorting to laziness. It’s comfortable and familiar, sometimes predictable, but almost always well done. In “Gerald’s Two Dads,” Daniel Chun and company find the perfect metaphor for what they’ve created: Jimmy’s apology meal. Grandfathered is Benny Loco’s.

To be clear, that’s meant as praise. We’ve had more well over half a century of half-hour comedies …

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