TV Club: On Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, that “crazy” club gets a little bit bigger

In her first big episode post-denial, Rebecca Bunch makes one thing clear: she’s still not doing great. The good news is that, in this more than any other episode to date, she’s far from alone. Josh and Rebecca might be the only two regular cast members headed off to camp, but nearly everyone starts wheeling around their baggage.

“I’m Back at Camp With Josh!” might be merely the latest in a line of strong episodes from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, but it stands out in how nimbly it balances not one, but three big storylines. Maybe something on that party bus was contagious, because Rebecca isn’t the one being driven around (on a party bus?) by their own personal hang-ups. Greg gets one little hint of seriousness from Heather and flips out. Darryl finds himself sobbing without his daughter (but with Snailiana Grande!) and flips out. And Rebecca …

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