TV Club: On Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, life is no Croisstazzinut

Rebecca Bunch is going through a bad breakup, but it’s not with Josh. It’s not with Greg, either. If there’s a dominant arc in the first six episodes of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s terrific second season, it’s the souring of Rebecca’s relationship with Paula, and with “Who Needs Josh When You Have a Girl Group?” that relationship hits a major breaking point. Apologies to everyone who came here for some great escapist television, but that kind of mutual hurt isn’t much fun, and jokes aside — though there are plenty of great ones — this isn’t going to go down as one of the show’s most uplifting hours. It is, however, damn good television.

That’s not to say that “Girl Group” isn’t wildly entertaining. It is, thanks in no small part to two terrific musical numbers and some top-notch turns from the episode …

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