TV Club: On Black-ish, the meaning of Christmas begins with “Stuff”

Last year’s Christmas episode of Black-ish gave us the classic Ruby-ism that “black people can’t be racist” while also giving us a tunnel vision Dre who was obsessed with being Santa. It was a battle of black Santa versus Latina Santa, and it all ended in an auto-tuned shopping spree courtesy of the Johnson youngsters. This year, there are still plenty of Ruby-isms, but the tunnel vision isn’t all on Dre; it actually falls more on Pops and the kids this time around. Such is the power of “Stuff.” Black-ish has yet to create an all-time great Christmas episode, but it’s done very well with what it has so far. The commercialization of Christmas is such an easy target, and teaching the “true meaning of Christmas” is essentially the baseline for any Christmas episode. But Black-ish has proven many times that it can still succeed even …

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