TV Club: On Arrow, you can take Oliver out of the Russian mob, but you can’t take the Russian mob out of Oliver

Even at its best—and Arrow is right now at its best, or damn close to it—this has never been a realistic show. And I don’t just mean in the “hey, the dude with magical rags just used said magical rags to contain a nuclear blast.” After all, that bit is actually logically consistent with what the show has previously established about those rags, and Rory’s halfhearted assurance that he had faith underscored how preposterous the plan was at first glance. It’s more Arrow‘s insistence on hanging onto its CW soap opera roots, which means Oliver is still very much dating Susan Williams despite this being a giant honking conflict of interest. (And a deeply dumb idea, given Williams’ previous willingness to violate trust in order to break a story—which is a good thing that good journalists should do, broadly speaking, but not ideal …

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