TV Club: On a painful day, the Tony Awards were an inspiration and a comfort

Twenty-four hours ago, in preparation for tonight’s Tony telecast, I went ahead and wrote a couple of paragraphs of this review, saying a few words about how pleased I was to be returning to The A.V. Club‘s Tony beat after a few years away (after covering the show three times in the early days of TV Club); and writing about how this would be the first year that I’d be watching the Tonys as someone who’s finally, at age 45, been to his first Broadway shows. I was prepared to pivot from those paragraphs to a discussion of the ceremony itself, and to write with some first-hand knowledge for once about what a remarkable year it’d been for the American theater.

Then I woke up this morning, and everything had changed.

I imagine that the producers of the Tony Awards spent all day picking …

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