TV Club: Old habits die hard in a surprising Girls

“What Will We Do This Time About Adam?” is an awkward title for an episode that provides such an elegant solution for one of Girls‘ biggest narrative conundrums. A large chunk of Girls is about Hannah’s relationship with Adam, so it’s not unreasonable for fans to consider a reconciliation a necessary part of the end game. Other fans—your humble reviewer included—will see it quite differently. Hannah and Adam’s relationship was fun and passionate, but it’s the kind of twenty-something relationship you look back on fondly once you’re older and settled into something healthy and stable. If Girls is about maturation, an ending that dutifully slapped Hannah and Adam back together would have undercut any of Hannah’s efforts to grow up.

That’s why “What Will We Do” is kinda horrifying, but also kinda the sweetest thing in the world. Hannah and Adam …

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