TV Club: Odd Mom Out: “Wheels Up”

The season finale of Odd Mom Out has arrived, and the major arcs of these ten half-hour episodes of television have been resolved. Brooke finds out that Lex has been cheating on her and lashes out at Jill for knowing without informing her. The ensuing fight results in Jill finally deciding that keeping the peace with Andy’s family isn’t worth her dignity; she abandons the N.A.C.H.O. event and arrives fashionably late at Vanessa’s fortieth birthday party. A lot of planning went into the plotting of the season so that the finale would feature these inevitable conclusions, and that sense of purpose is appreciated. Still, there are drawbacks to such streamlined, tidy storytelling. There are few surprises here; news of Lex’s affair gets out because punishing an adulterer and seeing Brooke squirm are narrative possibilities too tempting to avoid. Most importantly, the entire …

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