TV Club: Odd Mom Out: “The Truth Fairy”

The culminating episodes of a season are important not just because they begin to wrap up story threads, but because they really expose a series’ strengths and weaknesses while doing so. Here, the ongoing tensions in the friendship between Jill and Vanessa finally reach a boiling point, a satisfying development for a show that’s more lightly serialized than others of its ilk. The confrontation between Jill and Vanessa is successful because it introduces more meaty dramatic material to the show and demonstrates the importance of this relationship to the story. The writers don’t exactly reinvent the wheel when constructing this emotional climax between the two characters. Jill ditches plans with Vanessa in order to attend the extravagant “Hat Luncheon.” This results in Vanessa calling Jill out for trying to have it both ways: complaining about her wealthy in-laws while actually relishing in her newfound—rather, increased—privilege. Of …

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