TV Club: Odd Mom Out: “Staffing Up”

“Staffing Up” demonstrates how off-putting Odd Mom Out can be while simultaneously justifying the show’s existence. A stay-at-home mother, Jill finds herself overwhelmed by her responsibilities, namely three children, a sick husband, a best friend in need of a fortieth birthday party, a volunteer position at Brooke’s pointless non-profit, and a negligent housekeeper. Obviously, many women cope with these types of obligations every day (minus the housekeeper) and somehow manage to make it work. Vanessa and Brooke helpfully remind Jill that there’s a key difference between her and most women, however—Jill can afford to hire a nanny.

Easily persuaded, Jill quickly grows accustomed to the idea despite her reservations and takes a liking to a nanny named Rowena. At first, Jill relishes her newfound freedom. Then Brooke acts as the devil on her shoulder, encouraging her to go shopping instead of spending time with her kids …

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