TV Club: O.J. Simpson pleads “absolutely 100% not guilty” on American Crime Story

The star of the trial of the century wasn’t O.J. Simpson. It was Johnnie Cochran.

The famed black attorney was not only incredibly talented at his job—and a brilliant wordsmith—but he was passionate, he was quotable, he was whip smart, he was memorable, and he got the job done. His official inclusion in the “Dream Team” and becoming a more prominent character in the series jolted some more electricity into American Crime Story as the attorneys begin the jury selection process.

“First question: Who thinks O.J. did it?” Shapiro asks as the lawyers are all meeting together. Cochran’s wide-eyed, nonverbal response succinctly sets up the strained and antagonistic relationship that will exist between the two men for the duration of the trial. Both men are egotistical, but Shapiro more dumbly so, letting his ego poorly influence his decisions when it comes to the press …

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