TV Club: Nygma helps Penguin get his mojo back on another scattered Gotham

The problem with using “Rise Of The Villains” as this season’s subtitle is that it’s such a generic phrase as to be virtually meaningless. Wasn’t last season also about the rise of the villains? And which villains are we talking about, anyway? If a subtitle is to have any use at all, it’s to bring some sort of focus to the proceedings, but since almost anything that happens on Gotham can fall under that heading, the show is just as prone to sprawl as it has been from the beginning.

Tonight’s storylines are connected inasmuch as they all spring from Galavan’s presence in Gotham, but since he is barely glimpsed until the episode’s final minutes, “A Bitter Pill To Swallow” still feels like a disparate collection of stories in search of a center. With her brother locked up in Blackgate, Tabitha seeks revenge …

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