TV Club: Not Safe With Nikki Glaser is a safe space for curious pervs

Nikki Glaser, maybe best known from Inside Amy Schumer, opens her audacious new show with an intermingled introduction and warning: “I’m a curious perv, and this is Not Safe.” Comedy Central bills Not Safe With Nikki Glaser as an “unapologetic, honest and sometimes shocking multiplatform series,” and the show’s marketing has been self-consciously provocative, but in “Carpe Do ‘Em,” Not Safe carves out a safe, enthusiast space to explore curiosity about sex.

Glaser approaches sex with winning practicality as a fact of life. It’s something everyone—at least, everyone watching her show—is probably doing, “maybe with yourself right now, in which case… guys, thank you!” She starts with the adolescent moment she discovered sex: the roller coaster scene from 1996’s Fear, in which Mark Wahlberg’s character fingers Reese Witherspoon’s character on a roller coaster.

“This was the moment my vagina turned on …

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